Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

All those who are willing to access our website www.thatspleasure.com for shopping or accessing any other information must go through our terms and conditions in detail. Each and every point should be read, understood and adhered to.

•    We are very particular about the age limit we set for customers. To be precise, one has to be minimum 18 years of age and above. If the user does not qualify this age, we will not accept the order. While placing the order, the age limit has to be stated.

•    Wrong product or any damaged one delivered from our side is liable to be canceled if the customer wants. In that case, we need to be notified within 48 hours. If this time span exceeds, we will cancel the order.

•    A product, if delivered in a damaged or similar condition, will certainly be replaced. However, we will not grant any request for a refund. The customer can always forward a return request and we will replace the product.

•    Sexual health and hygiene are what we also keep in mind while selling our products. Therefore, we make it a point to sell only fresh products. Likewise, any sort of return requests for used products will not be taken into consideration. If the product delivered does not match with one the customer has ordered, the request will certainly be taken.

•    Keeping sexual wellness sustained among our customers is a huge priority for us. Therefore, we ensure that the products we sell are used for personal purposes. We keep no intentions for any sort of business through our products. Therefore, our users are strictly advised not to share these products with anyone.

•    If the customer causes harm to the product, we will not take any blame for it. In that case, we will refuse to take any return request for that product.