Cash On Delivery

Shop from Thatspleasure Online Store and Pay Later

Shopping in the last few years has achieved a new meaning, especially after it went online. With this, plenty of flexible payment methods have been introduced to make the experience more enriching. In fact, people have started considering online shopping to be quite safe and reliable. We here at Thatspleasure Sex Toy store, based in Kolkata, have brought a unique range of erotic toys that can now be purchased through hassle-free payment policies, out of which, one is Cash on Delivery (COD).

COD certainly scores high on convenience among other payment schemes as it enables one to pay cash after ensuring that the order has been received. One would, therefore, find it quite effortless to shop from our store by simply choosing the product, placing the order and opting for Cash on Delivery. Once you process the order, our experts take over the shipping formalities and process the order as per the information provided. It would then be delivered to the specified address of the customer in three business days. The shopping limit for availing Cash on Delivery is up to Rs. 40,000.

That pleasure is committed towards shipping orders at any location across India. We not only have Kolkata under our COD serviceable areas but also several nearby cities. Guwahati is one where we take orders at any specified location. Also, at Bhubaneswar, we dispatch orders. People residing in Patna can also provide us pick-up locations as per their convenience. What we need is the right address, which we track through our system and deliver the package accordingly. The customer can always stay assured about his order details to be kept confidential. Once the product reaches the customer’s doorstep, one can check it and thereafter make the pay the payment through cash.