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Sex Toys in India: In this world where pleasure rules the heart, passion is the flame that lights up the soul. With such a firm thought in mind, Thatspleasure, the online store for sex toys in Bangalore, has presented a very clear motive. This motive is nothing but to serve people by meeting their sexual needs and wants. Hence, we took this initiative in the year 2014 and introduced online a wide range of sex toys in Bangalore for men, women, and couples.


We Started Slow but Stole the Show started with a small team by delivering orders at different locations in Bangalore. When our orders for sex toys in Bangalore started getting bigger, we extended our workforce and bagged more orders from various corners of India. There were maximum orders for sex toys in Coimbatore, Delhi, Mysore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, and Kolkata. We were quite elated with our success with sex toys in India and thought of expanding our venture across the country.

Finally, our online sex toys store in Bangalore was flooded with responses and we began bringing more products with time. Our biggest achievement was our effort to reach the metros from where we got frequent calls and emails with order requests. Today, Thatspleasure has become a well-known online sex toy store in Bangalore selling the most unique variety and high-quality products.


How to Approach Thatspleasure for an Order?

Thatspleasure, our online sex toys store in Bangalore, is honored to respond to all queries, requests, and orders from one and all related to sex toys in India. There are no such complex procedures to place an order at Thatspleasure. Rather, we have a couple of ways in which you can order sex toys in Bangalore through our store:


Directly order from the Website

When it comes to ordering a product from Thatspleasure, it includes no hassles. Rather, our online sex toys store in Bangalore has such an organized website that one would have no complications while placing an order. We keep a few minimal procedures to place an order with no worries at all. One can choose his/her desired payment gateway and proceed to place an order for sex toys in Bangalore.


Get in touch with our customer care executive

Thatspleasure is aware of all sorts of problems one might face while placing an order for sex toys in India. Therefore, our online sex toys store in Bangalore has got a customer care team with knowledgeable executives who are always ready to help and assist. Whatever are your queries, our executives are ready with solutions. Once they gather all your relevant details, your order is placed.


Get All Types of Sex Toys in Bangalore Online at Thatspleasure 

Thatspleasure brings a stunning news for sex toy lovers in Bangalore. You can now be anywhere in the city or any other part of India and order here for your favorite product. Hence, we have got such sex toys in Bangalore that would keep one’s satisfaction level up and going.

Therefore, our online sex toys store in Bangalore presents the different types of products we are offering. Have a quick look:


Female Sex Toys in Bangalore

Who doesn’t know what girls prefer to enjoy their orgasmic moods? Well, our online sex toys store in Bangalore has got here a striking range of female sex toys in Bangalore starting from fun vibrators, rabbit vibrators to G-spot vibrators, sex machines, electro sex toys, erotic massages, and lots more.

Witness some of the hottest accessories which girls would love playing with. These accessories are quite lifelike and lend women a special power to stay fit in the bed. Under these accessories, we have brought vibrating panty, nipple clamps, steel rings, breast silicone bra and pad, and silicone breast prosthesis.

Apart from toys and accessories among the female sex toys in India, we have got various needy products for girls like artificial hymen, breast enlargement cream, enlargement device, etc.


Male Sex Toys in Bangalore

Thatspleasure has equal concern for men as we bring some power-packed adult sex toys in Bangalore along with accessories and needy stuff for enhancing their libido.

Men will be able to shop here for toys for masturbation, vaginal stroking, big artificial vagina, hot lifelike dolls, and more. These male sex toys in Bangalore are undoubtedly safe and promise pure enjoyment for sure.

Besides bringing men some fascinating toys and accessories, our online sex toys store in Bangalore has also got certain needy products. For instance, there are penis sleeve extenders, penis enlargement cream, cock rings, and more.


Couple Sex Toys in Bangalore

Thatspleasure has plenty to offer for the couples apart from singles. Many newlyweds might hesitate to approach each other intimately in bed. Also, there might be numerous couples who are in search of a new and improved sex life.

It is here where our online sex toys store in Bangalore brings an awesome range of sex toys for couples. We have everything for partners here starting from anal dildos, anal beads, butt plugs to toy cleaner, strap-on, and more. All these products are available at a budget-friendly price and hence make them quite affordable to purchase.


7 Cities where Thatspleasure Got Resounding Feedbacks 

In the last 7 years, Thatspleasure has reached out to several corners of India apart from offering sex toys in Bangalore. Out of these, we would love to state the name of seven such cities in India where we got the highest number of orders. Take a look:


Sex Toys in Coimbatore

After getting a tremendous response on delivering sex toys in Bangalore, it was Coimbatore that left us surprised with its number of orders.

As per our sales report on sex toys in Coimbatore:

48% of men were regular online shoppers and asked for male strokers

46% were women that comprised college girls and newlyweds asking for rabbit vibrators and glass dildos

This showed that the demand for sex toys in Coimbatore has been pretty good among women of all ages.


Sex Toys in Mysore

After getting a superb response from sex toys in Coimbatore, it was Mysore where we pulled attention from both singles and couples. It was indeed a pleasure for us to serve various age groups here in the city of palaces. As per our sales report on sex toys in Mysore, we found:

42% of women were beginners and showed interest in non-realistic vibrators

38% of men said they require cock rings to sustain an erection

This showed how the impact of sex toys in Mysore has been for both men and women in recent times.


Sex Toys in Pune

Pune too met our expectations after offering sex toys in Mysore and Coimbatore. We got mails from several couples asking for bullet vibrators while requests came ushering from men for sex dolls and cock rings among the sex toys in Pune.

So, what we found from our sales report:

48% of men went for male strokers just for trying intercourse for the first time

38% of women asked for pussy pumps for stronger vaginal health


Apart from these cities, we succeeded in reaching out to the metropolitan cities and came with pleasing responses:


Sex Toys in Kolkata

Kolkata, the City of Joy never left us disappointed. The demand for vibrating panty among women's sex toys and that of penis enlargement cream among the male sex toys in Kolkata was quite noteworthy.


Sex Toys in Mumbai

Thatspleasure has been very fortunate to serve Mumbai, one of the busiest cities in India. Here the need for luxury vibrators was felt strongly while the spider sower masturbator was taken to be the highest selling male sex toys in Mumbai.


Sex Toys in Delhi

Responses were outstanding from people looking for sex toys in Delhi. Order requests were huge for sex machines and fun vibrators for girls while the majority of men voted for big artificial vagina.


Sex Toys in Chennai

Where the other metros were looking for toys and gadgets, the people of Chennai were busy looking for arousal gels and lubes. The request for delay sprays was noted to be the highest one among the sex toys in Chennai.


Our Top 5 Sex Toys in Bangalore

The journey of Thatspleasure has been quite a pleasant one in the last 7 years while dealing with sex toys in India. After drawing the attention of a fair percentage of toy lovers from multiple cities, we here present you five such high demanding sex toys in Bangalore that are worth mentioning.

Here is a glance:


Realistic Vibrator

The combination of vibration and stimulation is no doubt heavenly, which women would always enjoy having during solos. Our online sex toys store in Bangalore has so many types of realistic vibrators like Super Ribbed Realistic Vibrator, Irex Realistic Dong Vibrator, Playboy Realistic Vibrator, Hot Black Boy Realistic Vibrator, and so on.

All these female sex toys in Bangalore are made of good quality materials that assure safety and functionality as well. One noteworthy feature that all realistic vibrators have is multi-speed vibrations. These help to generate multiple sensations on the genitals. Moreover, the rabbit vibrator is counted among the popular sex toys in India for women.


Penis Enlargement Device

If there is any adult product among the male sex toys in Bangalore that would help men get back their happy days, it’s a penis enlargement device. Designed to make the penis size bigger and ready to penetrate, a penis enlarger device does its job in a very safe manner.

These male sex toys in Bangalore no doubt serve as an awesome alternative to those expensive medicines and pills. Some of the penis enlargement devices are Power Penis Enlargement Pump, Penis Pro Extender USA, Bathmate Hydro Penis Enlargement Pump, etc.


Lube and Herbal

There is no better alternative to sustaining sexual wellness for sex toy buyers. Here comes the benefit of using our herbal products and lubricants that are made of the safest ingredients. These natural products are therefore harmless to use for men and women.

There are plenty of products under this category to shop for like Breast Enlargement Cream, Penis Enlargement Cream, Toy Cleaner, Intimate Wash, and more. Besides, there are also delay sprays, Thai herbal products, arousal gels, etc.


Bullet Vibrator

These vibrators for women are counted among the most popular sex toys in India. A very crucial reason why girls of different ages love using this vibrator is its ability to generate double orgasm. In other words, this vibrator lets women enjoy vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Thatspleasure unlocks a fabulous variety of bullet vibrators among the female sex toys in Bangalore. Each model comes with incredible controls that give users real pleasure to enjoy their intimate moments. These vibrators are preferred by a lot of couples to make foreplays more engaging.


App Control Vibrator

If there had been any unique addition to the collection of sex toys in Bangalore for partners, it is none other than an app control vibrator. These vibrators are quite advanced and connect partners through a smartphone application along with Bluetooth support.

The ones we own here at Thatspleasure score high in quality and technology as well. We have the most innovative models that would surely strike a sensual bond between two partners from long distances. Once you using it on your partner, you will get to know what magic it creates.


Pay Safely and Order Quickly

You can choose to pay by availing yourself of the most reliable and flexible payment schemes while shopping for sex toys in Bangalore. For instance, you can pay through debit card, credit card, Paytm online. Even if you don’t wish to pay online, you can opt for cash on delivery for buying sex toys in India at our store.


Get Doorstep Delivery in No Time

The delivery time for ordering sex toys in Bangalore would be 2 to 3 business days. We assure to deliver your order to your doorstep. We make sure that the packaging is done most discreetly so that the customer’s confidentiality is sustained.

There are plenty of new arrivals and more innovative products among the sex toys in Bangalore. These can now be bought online with the help of a few clicks.



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I'm so happy to use it
Hi girls, my life is exciting as I have this awesome sex machine. It is a perfect toy that gives various new sensations in the private area. But I am a bit upset as the delivery was late by 1 day. Otherwise, I am happy.
Moderated on 07/13/2021.
It has really helped me to increase the size of my penis
Hello guys, this is my first-time purchase from an online toy store for adults. But I am truly happy with every kind of service I got from here. Along with that, I will love to say more about this awesome penis extender sleeve. After a month my size has increased by few inches.
Moderated on 07/13/2021.
I am surprised to see the magical effect of the cream
Hello everyone, I am very excited to have this penis extender cream. I had two break ups due to my undersized penis. Then after searching a lot I found this cream oh this website. It has grown by few inches as I have followed the instructions properly.
Moderated on 07/13/2021.
Awesome lighter..
After seeing this lighter, one word that came to mind instantly is “awesome”. Trust me, this is my first-time purchase from this online store, and I am impressed to see such wonderful collections. The lighter is brilliant starting from its look to the time of sparks; everything is having an erotic touch.
Moderated on 06/22/2021.
Very nice glass dildo for female
Glass made materials are always praiseworthy. But this time it’s a dildo and it looks really erotic. It makes me made with desires whenever I put it inside me. I am also impressed with the on-time delivery of the dildo at my door and the packaging is also very nice and confidential.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
It has indeed helped to fulfil my long-awaited fantasy into reality
Nothing is more erotic than finding yourself handcuffed in front of your partner. But then it has to be choice able as well. After searching a lot, finally, I got a red velvet handcuff for myself.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Perfect for making erotic moment
I am newly married. So, before going to honeymoon I just wanted to buy something erotic. Hence, my search came to an end on this website. The black laced panty has grabbed my attention. Moreover, there are two things that I liked about your website. The on-time delivery is praiseworthy. The discreet shipment of the product at my doorstep is really impressive.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
This is a nice herbal product made up of natural extracts of cherry
As the name says, it also helps to boost the libido by simple massaging. When I turn on, I start playing with this by applying a very small amount on any of my adult toys. But what I really don’t like is its high price. It is really out of reach and I need to think twice for the second time purchase.
Moderated on 05/19/2021.
What a wonderful product
A wonderful gadget gifted by my partner from this online store. It looks awesome and works as a magic and makes my solo sessions exciting than before. The torch like device has a suction cup that has different vibrating modes. I can now change the mode and get strong stimulation. Trust me it helped my dull play much better than before. I also liked the discreet delivery of the product at my doorstep.
Moderated on 05/19/2021.
I'm very happy to use it..
I am a single girl who likes to try different kinds of adult toys. So, I bought this new-age vibrator which is good at stimulating my private parts effectively. The long and slender device goes straight inside my vagina and effectively touches the pussy walls and g-spot. The soft and flexible body gives extra sensation to my genitals. The 8 different modes of vibration are brilliant at bringing out my naughty desires. However, the pink colour is quite deep and I would prefer a lighter shade than this.
Moderated on 05/04/2021.
Innovative product for male
My life is now no more mundane as I have found an innovative product from this website. The real-like skin colour and softness makes me go wild with desires. I can fulfill my wild fantasies anytime by playing with this unique toy. The quality of the product is good and the textured internal organ feels good for extra stimulation. What a brilliant pick it is!!
Moderated on 05/04/2021.
Superb penis cream
If you think keeping your penis strong is a challenge, go for this. Trust me, it doesn’t harm your genitals and instead brings faster results without any complications. Just take a bit of it and apply the same like a massage. I got this job done by my girl and the experience was fantastic. Loved it overall!!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Wonderful product for female
My nipples have now started giving me those erotic vibes which I was missing like hell. A very effective gadget at a very reasonable price! A lot of women think that these hurt. But I tell you I had awesome sensations. It was more than what I expected. Kudos guys!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Easy to carry and best vibrator for female
I always wanted to play with a massage. Well, my desire got fulfilled finally with this product. With a compact shape, it is so easy to grip and feel the tickles right there. Its operation is quite hassle-free and is also quite easy to clean. Liked the look and style of the product!!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
It is the best product for couple
I have no words to describe my happiness after using this dildo. I am surprised to see its magical effects. It looks awesome and comes with three different colors of harness. The dildo is also bigger in size and goes deep inside to hit my pleasure point without failure. The 10 different modes of vibrations are able to sexually energize me and bring out my inner desires. Great product in other words!
Moderated on 03/17/2021.
Best cock Ring at the best price
I was in search of a good quality cock ring for a long time. So, I bought this black color cock ring and am satisfied as it holds my erection for longer time. Moreover, the 10 different functions give me multiple sensations to my body. I am very pleased to have the product at my doorstep before the mentioned time. In one word, I have become fan of this product.
Moderated on 03/13/2021.
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