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Electro Sextoys

Using electricity in sex is incredible, and this is so true in the case of the electro-sex toys in India. When you hear about taking electrical impulses, you take a step back. But this sex gadget will never bring fear to you. Instead, it is a remarkable innovation in the world of sex toys for women. The electrical impulses it gives out are mild and will give you the feel of sensual tickles. It is one of the most entertaining adult toys couples love to use during foreplay.

Our online sex toys store brings some great electro-sex toys in India at reasonable prices. One is the shock therapy electro-sex kit. It is user-friendly and safe to use. With six electric impulse modes and a modern LED screen, it counts among the top picks in this category. The Butterfly Dance electro-sex kit is another fantastic choice for those horny couples waiting to hit a saucy climax. It comes with a pad keeping which the user feels mild electrical impulses.

The electro-sex toys also act as a tool for muscle relaxation. You will feel relaxed and calm in whichever part of the body you wish to take the electrostatic stimulations. So, at the end of a hectic day, this sex toy can bring you both solace and sensuality.