Buy Moon Period Cup Online At Low Cost In India

Moon Period Cup

Women need more attention towards their health and hygiene during the menstrual week. But the moon period cup in India will minimize their effort to keep a tab on their flow. Yes, it is a smart menstrual cup which women can fit into their vagina and accumulate the blood within the cup. It never overflows, keeps the blood at a level, and never creates a mess while she is on the go. This is where it scores higher over sanitary pads, which are expensive and make a mess after unwrapping.

Talking about the moon period cup in India available at our online sex toys store, we bring the Silicone Menstrual Cup for Feminine Hygiene. This product comprises multiple cups in diverse colours. These cups are made of pure-quality silicone, which makes them safer to wear and easier to clean. Each cup can hold up to 30 ml of blood at a time. Once it fills up, the user has to discreetly open it, throw the contents, wash it well with soap and water, and wear it again.

In other words, these moon period cups are reusable, which is advantageous compared to sanitary pads. It is very comfortable to wear and never makes women uncomfortable, despite wearing it for the whole day.