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Intimate Wash

A man’s sexual hygiene is essential. So, here we bring you the intimate wash in India. It is a very effective bacteriostatic spray that cleans up the male genitals and also keeps them active for naughty activities. Many men think that a bit of cleaning and washing of their male genitals would keep them sexually hygienic. However, this is not enough, as the genital area of men is prone to bacteria. Hence, this product would be beneficial for them to keep their intimate area free of foul odour, itches, germs and bacteria.

Fact says that the male genitals are subject to rashes and other skin complications. Hence, the intimate wash in India at our online sex toys store will bring full-proof protection along with comfort to the genitals throughout the day. One will have no side effects on using this spray. Also, it works as a sex-inducing spray, making the male genitals more responsive. This spray, moreover, is harmless and suits all types of skin conditions.

It is easy to use the intimate wash. Spray a minimal amount over the genitals before or after the performance. As it comes in a 10 ml container, one can use it in meagre amounts from time to time.