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Artificial Hymen

No more fears and insecurities about losing virginity, as here comes the artificial hymen in India. It is a well-known erotic product for women who wish to save their marriage and make their men believe that they are still virgins. There is no harm in using this product as it looks like a real hymen. Moreover, it is made with such skin-friendly material that it will never harm the female genitals. She must wear it correctly so that it does not come out while stroking.

Talking about the usage of artificial hymen in India, it is a one-time use product. You wear it, he strokes it, fake blood oozes, and you throw it later in your man's absence. However, one has to wear it inside the vagina so that the male partners get the real feel of it.

The artificial hymen looks like the actual hymen in women and fits well inside the genitals. As it is a discreet product, one should keep it away from his partner's vision. She has to wear it a few minutes before the performance and get ready. Before wearing it, clean it with a toy cleaner and dry it well. If used correctly, it can prove to be effective for a woman's sex life.